We know that, as we are, you are concerned about the treatment your furniture and all those objects you have in special steem receive. That's the reason we only use the best systems for packing your belongings.

We have blankets, seals of various features, bubble wrap, cardboard, boxes of many sizes and shapes to adapt packaging to each user's needs and guarantee the absolute safety and preservation of all your belongings and carry out the move to your destination without disgusting surprises.

All our staff are highly qualified to care for all types of packaging, no matter how delicate or fragile it can be. Therefore, we are sure you will be satisfied with our job.

Our warehouse
We have the best to offer you the best. In our furniture repository you will find different containers that fit your needs for as long as you need it. You can arrange your storage while doing work, repairs or give you the keys to your new apartment for a few days or if it is long-term. In the case that you need to recover some of your belongings we prepare your container on the day you decide. Total security and surveillance 365 days a year.