Our staff is highly qualified in the transport of the following services:
  • Complete removals: We handle all disassemble-assemble furniture and even make small tweaks to adjust your furniture to your new address
  • Small movings: Because sometimes we don't get along all things to our new home.
  • Internal movement based on reforms: We can relocate your furniture or store temporarily until they have completed their reforms.
  • Storage service for as long as you need it with maximum security and 24 hour surveillance.
  • Moving offices and agencies: Change from small offices to large enterprises, visited them and organize the move to have the least impact on your work.
  • Transfer of industrial buildings: we move even your office and your machinery, towing service if needed.
  • Destruction of documentation by a company certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and UNE 15713 standards.
  • Moving Pianos: Only with specialized personnel.
  • Moving artwork: take care with specialty packaging.
  • Build in fairs and events: We assemble and dismantle their stands quickly and effectively.

Request a quote without obligation of cheap transfers in Barcelona

We also do national (Barcelona-Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao, etc) and international to Portugal mainly to Lisbon and Porto.

We have a lifting platform to speed up the loading and unloading of objects. Assembly and disassembly of furniture with the cheapest prices in the market.

Transport company with many years of experience, since 1952. Request a quote without obligation, we provide services at economic prices to both individuals and companies with total professionalism.

How will they make my move?

No matter the size and total of the belongings and objects, the transfer is made based on these characteristics:

Service organization.

First we plan the best possible route through GPS, Map Apps and destination, weather forecast, tolls that we can find etc. To offer a destination arrival time as accurate as possible.

Origin, type of move and destination:

  • Origin to start the transport, if it is floor, house, chalet, office, company, industrial building etc, if it has an elevator, or other loading and unloading areas.
    The more information we have, the more agile the service will be.
  • Calculation of the number of packages, assembly and disassembly of furniture and cabinets, packaging, tapes, boxes etc.
  • Destination to carry the goods, similar to the point of origin, if it is an apartment, office, chalet, company, industrial building etc, and if it has an elevator, in addition to knowing the possible locations for loading and unloading with the greatest efficiency.

It is not essential to give these details to make an indicative budget, although the more data we have the more we can adjust the price of the final budget.

Who are we? about Mudanzas la Barcelonesa

Since 1952 at your service. We specialize in large and small transfers of apartments, houses, villas, offices, companies, and industrial buildings.
For our clients to enjoy total peace of mind, we take care of personalizing every detail of their transfer, forget about the stress of organizing so many things and leave the organization and development of their transfer in professional hands.

Who will carry out the transfer of my belongings?

Take advantage of the extensive experience and professionalism of our staff, we have experienced drivers, waiters for loading and unloading, packaging of all sizes.
Guarantee for the most delicate objects such as vases, glassware or crockery.

We also transport delicate objects such as valuable paintings, or even bulky objects such as pianos.
Ask us without obligation.

How can I get the budget for my move?

Our budgets are simple and clear, preparing in detail the inventory of your belongings as well as the particular conditions of your move.

You can contact us by telephone: 934 710 643/934 238 918, in the email: info@mudanzaslabarcelonesa.com and from our form contact.

How many cubic meters are needed to make a transfer by car or truck?

There are several ways to move the goods depending mainly on the cubic meters to be loaded.

On Truck: when the volume is greater than 20 cubic meters (corresponding to approximately one floor, with 3 or more rooms):

In general, this type of transfer requires a moving company and the estimated time for its completion depending on the destination (if it is Barcelona capital, Barcelona province, national or Portugal), and the types of equipment (if you have to mount and disassemble many furniture, if they are very delicate, or very heavy (pianos for example).

By Car : when the volume is up to 20 cubic meters (corresponding to a flat or apartment with 1 or 2 rooms).

The transfer by car of a 2-room apartment generally requires the rental of a cargo vehicle and three people (one to monitor and place the merchandise and two to raise it to the floor, house, villa, office or company.

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Why choose La Barcelonesa?

  • We take your service and meet your needs when making your move since 1952.
  • Throughout these years and thanks to the experience obtained, we have become great specialists when organizing and directing the usual work in a change of address, floor, villa, office, company or industrial building .
  • We have insurance for all types of objects such as pianos and valuables such as jewelry.
  • We have a fleet of vehicles of different tonnage exclusively conditioned for the transport of furniture and equipment of all kinds.
    Our vehicles are properly padded inside and also have all the necessary material (boxes of various sizes, seals, bubble wrap to cushion the most delicate objects, blankets, ropes, etc.) and thus ensure a perfect service with total security and guarantee.
  • Our lifting system manages to raise or lower the fixtures from 25 to 40 meters high for an agile, fast service and avoid friction when lowering the objects down the stairs (mainly songs).

For any doubt or suggestion do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you on a subject as delicate as the transfer of personal items.